Monday, September 30, 2013


Last Wednesday was too perfect of a day to not go hunting. I put The kid on the bus and headed out. I parked in the first pasture, sat behind a clump of trees with a coffee, did a doe-in-heat call, snapped this picture....

...and out walked a buck! I was completely alone, and wanted to be sure of a clean shot so I rested my elbow on a stump. It was not quite the right height and I knew I didn't have a real good hold on the gun but the aim was perfect so I took a chance and squeezed the trigger. Intense pain attacked my face, blood exploded out, and my vision went black. I staggered around in a daze for who knows how long, my vision slowly coming back and the blood pouring down my face and shirt front. I checked my gun about three times, I had no idea what happened. Did my gun back fire? Did someone hit me? I pulled out my phone to call for help and thought to take a picture to see what the hell was going on with my face.

As I tried to pull my eyes into focus to look at the picture I realized I had scoped myself. My brain was still kind of fuzzy so I went down to the house and cleaned myself up and called the neighbour to come up and come with me to the recover the deer that I wasn't even sure I had hit.  We drove through the field to the spot I was sure I had shot him and there he was dropped right in his tracks. 

I took him home, hung him up and gutted, skinned and washed him down with vinegar water and got ready for work. I think I was still in shock, my nose was bleeding from the cut and the nostrils the entire time and it wasn't till I got to work and sat down that I realized, hey this is bad - maybe my nose is broken? I did my hour shift ( I'm a noon hour supervisor at my daughters school) and headed to emergency. Yes my nose was broken and I was given a choice of stitches or crazy glue for the inch-long slice down my nose. I chose the glue, they straightened my nose and off I was sent home with instructions of "don't touch your nose at all". Kind of hard when it's still bleeding and you need to wipe it every ten seconds! That night my face and nose got so swollen, the pressure in my face was almost unbearable. 

But I'm still smiling because there's a buck hanging in the shop!