Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Guess how many times I've moved in the last three years. I'll give you a hint.... it's a ridiculous amount of times! There was so little time in between the last two moves that I hadn't even finished unpacking in between!  There was so little time in between the last two moves that the very thought of moving sent me running for my bed where I stayed for 3 days  in a chip-eating, romance novel-reading, pout. I drug my but out of bed long enough to fill may camper van full of my most precious possessions including:

  • 11 or my 12 dogs (yikes!! the reason we temporarily have that many dogs is a post for another day) 
  • 1 of my 3 kids 
  • my 100 gallon aquarium, with all 6 extra-large fish in a giant size tucker-tote that leaked all over my orange shag carpet
  • everything breakable I own that i couldn't bring myself to pack YET AGAIN!
...and I headed for the new house, where I quickly unpacked everything that was living or necessary and REFUSED to go back for another load. I have to admit, I am happy we're back, I love the new house, and living in civilization with HIGHSPEED INTERNET is pretty frigging awesome! I have coffee everyday with some one other than the voices in my head! I see friends and family, take the kids to the museum, the public pool, and WALMART - all of which are AT MOST 15 minutes away!  I'm supposed to be job hunting, but for the moment I'm just enjoying life :0)


  1. I'm glad you're back Betty! I look forward to your humor!

  2. Yes I LOVE to read about your crazy mommy life and all in-between. Time to bookmark your page again :) I will have to visit iwth you next year when im up in PG !