Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This fall I pulled a little trick I learned from my dad. I ask the kid if she wants to go hunting, I grab the gun, we sneak the power saw into the back of the truck and head out. After driving around for an hour or so, we break it to her that we actually were just coming for firewood. She has a little fit but helps with the wood anyways. We were on our way home when Toby interrupts herself mid-sentence to scream DEER!!! I jumped out loaded a bullet and shot as fast as you could blink, the deer does a wobble, takes a half leap over a log and drops dead. I'm suddenly forgiven for the firewood trick. Toby and I take off across the field to check it out, my husband backs the truck up to the deer. This is is one of the few times in 9 years my husband has been hunting with me and it was the first time I've gotten anything more than a grouse in front of his city-boy eyes.
"Grab a leg" I say "let's gut this and get it home"
"I have to touch it?!" He says "no way, that's sick"
I throw a leg at Toby and tell her to show daddy up and hold it, she reluctantly does it with two fingers. I give up! I hooked the back legs behind my legs and start to work. Toby just stares with a look on her face that just screams she thinks I'm insane and Big Daddy goes behind the truck to gag. I get it gutted and in the back if the truck and we head for home. A great end to getting firewood!

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