Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Days Later

I can't quite beleive it, and I am scared to say it too loud. We went a whole 3 days without an ice tea incident, no near death experiences, and hardly any time in the corner at all. We spent the entire weekend fishing, and all 3 kids behaved themselves. We only went to a couple different spots. The weather was beautiful. The fish were biting, the bugs were not. We swam and picnic'ed. It was perfect and relaxing. This is the first time in history I have said that. Today, however, I am waiting to be struck by lightning, or suffer from some sort of major catastrophe.  I know you should "never look a gift horse in the mouth", but "the calm before the storm" just keeps flashing like a warning sign in my head. Just because the Disaster Queen has overlooked me for the weekend doesn't mean she isn't waiting to spring a good old fashioned vacuum cleaner fire on me or have a fish tank explosion waiting in the wings. I have myself so worked up, think I should just go back to bed for the day, watch chic-fliks and eat bon-bons. It's just not worth the risk.


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