Friday, December 11, 2009

Undercover Surveilance

A few years ago, my dad was given a motion activated game camera by one of the hunters. My Dad is not familiar with new fangled gadgets, so he gave it me for a few days to figure out how it worked so I could then teach him to use it. I had been playing with it for a while, then set it down on the counter and went on an overnight trip with the kids ( I really can't remember where I went, just know for sure it was overnight) I phoned home that night and talked to Big Daddy, asked him what he was doing, he said nothing, getting ready for bed, and we said good night. When I came home the next day, I went to finish figuring out the new camera but the battery was stone dead. Crap, I thought I must have left it on. So I took the memory card out and put it in the computer to see if what I had been doing the day before had worked. The first few pictures were of my face, really close, up the nose shots, as I was trying to figure out if it was on, and how to shut the door. Then there was shots of me packing and kids running in and out, and us finally going out the door. The next shots were of B.D. coming home from work, talking on the phone, the neighbor knocking on the door, the neighbor coming in, him and B.D. talking, the neighbor going in the fridge for a beer, the two of them smoking in the house! The neighbor going in the fridge for beers 1 through 15, B.D. drinking beer 1 through 15. generally, just having a good old party. At this point, they actually notice the camera, pick it up and turn it all over, examining it, and trying to figure out what it was. They set the camera down again and continue with their party, all the while, having no idea it was photographing their every move. Then B.D. is on the phone again, with the time coinciding with my telephone call home in which he said he was going to bed. He hangs up and they laugh their asses off! Then carry on with their drinking! Their was hundreds of pictures of them, and they had no idea what it was sitting there. When Big Daddy came home from work that day I showed him all the pictures and told him what it was, and him and the neighbor laughed for days over it. There they were on camera, smoking and partying in my house like a couple of teenagers with their parents away for the weekend!
My dads looked similar to this, does it not look obvious that its a camera? 

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