Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Daddy goes Big Buck Hunting

There was one point where i was sure if I could convince B.D. to just come hunting, he would like it. Never again. We weren't off the highway 2 minutes when I realized what a waste of time it would be. He wasn't interested in getting out and walking. (of course not, you don't get that prized beer belly from walking) He said he would drive slow, and quiet. Quiet. (How do you drive quiet in a straight piped diesel pickup that made an old lady fall down in the Walmart parking lot when he rapped the pipes to say goodbye to me?! He then cranked the music, louder than if we were watching them live, unrolled his window, and LIT A CIGARETTE!! I decided that hunting was futile at this point and sat back to enjoy the sunday drive in peace and.....quiet.... Big Daddy Style

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