Friday, December 11, 2009

A Day at the River

It was a beautiful +30 today so we headed to the river. It was as cold as if it had just melted off the mountain, which come to think of it, it probably did! But it was so hot out we didn't care! Toby has been swimming since she was a tiny baby so she is actually a pretty good swimmer now that she is 3. She only wears a life jacket if I am not in the water with her. She likes to be thrown into the air and land in the water, and then swim back to you. We were swimming and playing and in Toby language she asked to be thrown. So I picked her up and hucked her into the deeper water. There happened to be a grandma up on the beach watching and she screamed "Oh my god!!" and grabs her chest as Toby popped up a few feet away and swam back to me, laughing and screaching for me to do it again. The poor woman must have thought I was drowning her or something. People are always amazed at what a good swimmer she is for her age, if they don't have a heart attack from watching her first.


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