Friday, December 11, 2009

I know I talk quite often about my serious disdain for this dinky little town and it's lack of things to do, but the summer programs they run are amazing. Everyday there is at least five activities to do and its all really cool stuff. Monday was crafts in the park, Tuesday was a sports day, Wednesday was indoor games, and today was the best day of all. Watersliding and barbecue. They set up a big piece of plastic on a hill, added baby shampoo (so it didn't sting little eyes) and a garden hose, and let the kids go wild. After the water slide there was a family picnick and barbecue with free food and drinks for anyone and everyone sponsored by Rio Tinto Alcan. (they gave us free food, so they get free advertising, its a fair trade. Will Blog for food is my slogan) Some days a small town doesn't seem so bad. If it had Big Macs, it could be perfect.

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