Friday, December 11, 2009

Bathroom Flooding 101

The following is a lesson in how to flood a bathroom in 10 steps or less.

1. Be an evil genius 3 yr old.

2. Create a diversion. No need to go big, just spill your juice on the kitchen floor.

3. Tell your mother, while she is cleaning the juice, that you are going to brush your teeth.

4. Turn on the tap in the bathroom sink so it appears you are doing just that.

5. Quietly slide the toilet tank lid over so it has an opening big enough to cram every one of your bath toys in to it. This will push the float down so the toilet tank doesnt know it is full, and water will then begin flowing like Niagra Falls, just not as beautiful.

6. Go back to brushing your teeth. the bathroom sink running is optional at this point because the water running in the toilet sounds almost the same.

7. Wait until the water is past your ankles and about to go slooshing out into the hallway

8. Come out and tell your mother "something funny is happening in there"

9. When your mother comes in and screams, put on a shocked face (example below) and Say "Whats that potty doin?" Don't worry, it will take her a minute to figure out where the water is coming from, by this point there is so much on the floor, she wont know if its the bath tub, toilet or sink, and she'll panic, and begin frantically turning taps.

10. At this point, say "Sordy Mommy" followed by "Are you mad?"  and repeat them until she almost loses her mind, and then throw in a "Can I have something to eat?" Mission Accomplished.


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