Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shit Shack

This is Peach, my moms goat. It was a pet my sister had to have. My sister is now moved out with a house of her own, but my mom would have missed the goat too much, so she left her there. My mom loves this goat. **sarcasm** It eats all of here flowers placed below 5.5 feet, it stands on the hoods of peoples vehicles while they are inside visiting. it rams the door open and runs in the house every chance it gets, and it craps uncontrollably all over the yard. You can't keep it locked in a pen because it is Houdini reincarnated.  A few weeks ago, it went missing. My mom was heartbroken I am sure, who would shit all over the walkway now? She looked for her and called for her for hours. On the second day, she happened to look up, towards the guest cabin, as she called and a little goat head popped up in the window on the door. turns out, the goat had rammed its way in, and got stuck in there when the door swung shut behind it. I am sure at this point my mom said swear words, even though that is something she never does. (my 3 yr old says worse words than my mom EVER has) I won't go into detail on what she found up there because she would die of embarrassment, but imagine, a goat that shits approximatly every 30 seconds, and pees almost as often, locked in a guest cabin for 24 hours. I am dying laughing at the thought right now, ony because I didn't have to clean up the mess. Sorry Mom. 

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