Friday, December 11, 2009

Mosquito 500

OK, after a mini-meltdown over losing this blog post twice, I am attempting to re-write it. I am now going to hit save after every sentence. I could be here a while. If any of you weebly big-wigs are reading this, IT DOESN'T MAKE ME WANT TO UPGRADE WHEN I LOSE MY BLOG POSTS AS I HIT SAVE!!

Anyways, its out of my system now, so here goes.

I wanted to go bear hunting last weekend, but didn't have anyone to go with. I convinced Big Daddy to come fishing. I needed some relief from pavement and people, I was starting to suffocate. We headed out and B.D. insisted he knew where a lake we could go to was. We drove for miles past farm houses and cows. There was no bush, water or wild animals in sight. I think he thought if he drove in circles long enough I would get cranky and demand to go home. I wasn't falling for it. After realizing his efforts at distracting me were futile he gave up and headed in the proper direction. I had to tease him a bit after we pulled into the third resort, complete with general store, boat rentals, restaurant and wi-fi. He is drawn to civilization like a ship to a light house. Finally we compromised on a user-maintained camp ground. It had a sign at the road, outhouses and fire pits. His anxietly level was bearable. There wasn't anyone else there, I thought it was perfect. We fished for about an hour when the bugs got to him. After weeks of me trying to convice Toby that mosquitos dont hurt, they just itch, he undid all of my work in a split second. He grabs the fishing gear in one arm and Toby in the other and runs screaming for the car. I barely jumped in and he's off like a shot. Does he think he is outrunning them? Or that there won't be any at the next spot? At any rate, we drive until we see the river again and he reluctantly gets out.  Our day continued on the same way. We spent the whole day as if we were in the Baha 500 with a fishing event added to it. I have to admit, it was a little exciting careening down back roads, jumping out, fishing, jumping back in and racing away, and we even managed to catch a few. But the excitment was most intense when a bee went up B.D.'s pant leg and stung him while we were driving. Now that is an extreme sport.

Here are a few of the calmer moments of the day..... 

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