Friday, December 11, 2009

Disillusioned Peace & Quiet

As I sit here in a stupor because there are only 5 days of bear season left and I didn't get out anywhere close to how much I want to, I realize the importance of never, ever,  taking my eyes off Toby. I was sitting on the couch answering tweets, emails, and drooling over other peoples hunting pictures, drinking mass amounts of coffee trying to wake myself up. Toby was sitting beside me in a blanket, watching morning cartoons, Chica (the cookie thieving Chihuahua) was on the other side of her. It was such a peaceful moment in time. How I long for peaceful moments, but they are always illusions. Where Toby is involved, there is more than meets the eye. The dog got up, moved from the other side of Toby, to sit in between us, I put my hand on her neck to give her a scratch and felt something gritty and sticky, "What....the... god TOBY!" I look over, and there sits Toby in daze watchng cartoons, holding the can of ICE TEA POWDER, taking out handfuls and plunking them softly on the dog, while never taking her eyes off of the cartoon! The dog is completely covered in it and her eyes were bugged out of her head in terror, because she was associated with a mess and she knew it! "What?!" Chloe looks at me in disgust for interrupting her cartoons. "What are you doing that for?!" I exclaim in total disbeleif that I didnt even see what was going on beside me. "Oh, I don't know" she answers as she shrugs her shoulders and goes back to the cartoons. Needless to say, someone spent some time in the corner, and it wasn't the dog. With the mess now cleaned up, her eyes are safely back in her head.

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