Friday, December 11, 2009

Time out for Good Behavior

I'm getting a day pass from the loony bin. I get to spend two whole days and one night doing my favorite thing. Camping. It must have been the cinnamon buns that cinched the deal. I can always persuade Big Daddy to agree to just about anything when I wave home made baked goods under his nose. Most days I am convinced he married me because of my cooking ability. It was just a bonus that I also do laundry and keep the house tidy as well. It must have been his lucky day. And tomorow is mine. Tubing, boating, fishing, camping, and smores, lots of smores. I can feel my jeans getting tighter already. Pretty soon I will need to leave the funny farm and go to the fat farm. Why, suddenly, am I thinking I'm a farmer? Man I need a holiday...... see yall on sunday!

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