Friday, December 11, 2009

Coney Fries

Coney Fries07/21/2009
Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved to snowboard. Some uncles of hers just happened to own a local ski hill and the girls mother worked there, which provided not only a ride to the ski hill every day with free lift tickets, but also a "tab" on which to charge lunch, snacks and beverages on. The young girl soon became addicted to Coney Fries, and would often eat two or three orders of them a day. On the first payday for her mother, the addiction was discovered and an intervention was necesary because her mother was IN THE HOLE! Thats right folks, her mother owed money on payday instead of being payed money on payday, thanks to the wonderful three children she brought to work with her everyday, probably to save money on a babysitter. Ironic isn't it. And totally hilarious. The three children were then rationed and monitored as to how much food they ate in a day. It was cruel and unusual punishment. They worked up such an appetite snowboarding all day that they were simply dying of malnutrition and had to use what little energy they had left to find ways to get more Coney Fries. It suddenly came to them. The boys in the top lift shack were always ordering food from the kitchen and we (oops, I mean they) were the delivery kids. It was the perfect crime. We would go into the lodge, put on our best serious face, and walk up to the kitchen counter and say, " So & So in the top shack wants an order of Coney fries and a chocolate bar, and a coke on his tab, he asked me to deliver it." and like magic the food appeared and was, without question and to our complete amazement, put on his tab, not my moms. Now we did have one guy in particular that we did this to the most, and I am not mentioning names for fear of a trip to small claims court where I would no doubt owe him quite alot of money and get a verbal spanking from a Judge Judy Wannabe, but we did make the other boys take their turns as well. We would then spend the ride up the chairlift stuffing our faces, and laughing our heads off. Still, to this day, when someone mentions snowboarding or fries I have a little giggle to myself. It was the crime of the century. Well, 1993 for sure.

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