Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hunting - oops! I mean Anniversary

Labor Day weekend is coming up. The last weekend of summer. I would cry if I didn't have hunting season to console and lull me into a state of zen. Nothing calms the nerves like blasting things with my rifle and cooking them for dinner. My husband has worked almost all of the weekends this summer, but has so far managed to have this one off... I imagine on friday night all dreams of this will be crushed and smashed to oblivion. For two weeks, all I have heard is "I might get the long weekend off, what do you want to do?" I shrug my shoulders because secretly, hunting sounded like a plan to me. He decides that we will drive eight hours to see the ocean for one day. Go somewhere we both have never been. For one day. Drive 8 frigging hours FOR ONE DAY! Just sight see and wander around... did I mention for one day? And did I also mention, drive for eight stinking hours with the 3 yr old from hell? The older kids want no part of this sunday drive, but I can't find anyone crazy, oh I mean nice enough, to watch Toby for 3 days, because as I may not have mentioned, its 8 hrs one way to any sort of water that tastes like salt. All I had thought of for this weekend was, I hope my Dad wants me to clean up and slave away at camp this weekend so maybe on the way there and back I can shoot a bear. My husband wants to sight see and I want to hunt. What the heck is wrong with this picture? And while were on that topic, this morning I got up with Him as he was getting ready for work, he asked what I was doing today, I told him spending the day at the lake. I packed his lunch we talked about random nothing importants, and he left. About ten minutes later, he texts me "happy anniversary, I love you" Anniversary?! I texted him back, "I wondered when you would remember" he texts me "you are the one that didn't remember" And he is right! September 1 to me is the start of hunting season and always will be. Oh and maybe if it crosses my mind, I have a bathroom cry for the beloved dress I lost that day, but anniversary just doesn't pop into my head, and he knows it. At least he know his place in my life, right at the top, just a close second to hunting.

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