Friday, December 11, 2009

Word of The Day

Because I live a lonely, isolated life, in the quintessential "hick town" and I am one of the few non-farmer, non-church partaking (gasp) people in this neck of the woods, I really have no friends, close by, that is. I do (honestly) if I want to travel for atleast an hour, but thats as appealing as sitting on a wooden bench listening to someone talk at me for a few hours every sunday. (Sorry, if thats your cup of tea, I won't hold it against you) Anyways, I ramble. I know this. My kids tell me all the time. So, because my mom has a life, she isn't available for me to phone a million times a day, so I have started reading blogs. I tell ya! You get to know these people so well, you start to talk about them in casual conversation with the real people in your life! "Oh! My friend, the pioneer woman, made the BEST jalepeno poppers today!" As if I ate them, let alone am friends with the woman! My husband is starting to think I am losing it! He probably thinks they are imaginary friends or something, the way he listens to me. I swear he only hears every third word and only if they pertain to beer, food or boats. But there I go again, off on another train. The whole point of this post was to tell you about a new word I learned tonight out there in blog-world. A Sip-n-See. Doesn't it just sound fun? It seems to me it is the southern folk's equivelent of a shower. It is a party specifically thrown to "see" something such as a new baby, a bride to be, a relative visiting from far, far, away. It includes, lots of guests, good food, and "punch" to sip. (or guzzle, whichever floats your boat) I am now looking for any excuse to throw one. So, can someone, other than me, please get married or have a baby? I desperately need to print those words on an invitation, and I don't feel like getting a new husband or having my stomach stretched to kingdom-come, again. Please. I have all sorts of new recipes to serve at just such an occaision as being a Sip-n-See hostess.


Betty Crockett (AKA Always the bride, never the bridesmaid)

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