Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reality Check

I recently took a trip and the hotel we stayed at had a pool. The Hotel I stayed at also has full length mirrors in the rooms. I suddenly realized the way I look in my head is not the way I look in a full length mirror, in my bathing suit, in real life. I have since been working myself up to doing the 30 day shred. I made it 10 days last time I tried it, lost 8 lbs, and sabotaged myself with 10 lbs of butter tarts. Today was day one of 30. I wasn't 4 minutes into the workout when I realized I want to do this everyday for the simple fact that when I am done, I am going to hunt the bitch on the video down and kick her ass! And by the looks of her, I need to do about a 90 day shred. But that doesn't matter. Her complete irritating-ness and my wanting to kick her ass is all the incentive I need to get through the next 90 days, and then I am going to take her out. Good thing I completely overdosed on cake balls last night, I might not have had the strength to come up with this hair-brained, fat torturing idea.

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