Friday, December 11, 2009

Betty's Back!!

Or here.. ok back, but here. How about, Betty has moved to here (blog spot) from a really crappy place (weebly) and now I once again feel like posting. I moved all of my prior posts over, without one crap-out, freeze, or "unable to process request"! It was WONDERFUL! The highlight of my year! I can post from my phone if I want, too! I can upload my pictures directly from Picassa, and it WORKS! I feel like a new person! This was better than a new outfit and a haircut! First thing tomorrow I am going to have a fresh new post for you all that have missed me, but today I am celebrating! If  only our town had dial-a-bottle, I'd be all set. My car seems to have ran last night on my reputation alone... the gas gauge is so far below empty I'd be surprised if it even starts. Anyways, love ya, missed ya, hope you like the new digs as much as I do!


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