Friday, December 11, 2009

TupperWare Envy

Every night, just before I go to bed, I make my husbands lunch for him. I always ask him what he wants in his lunch and he always says sandwiches. I cannot imagine eating sandwiches for lunch every single day. I can't even bear to think about doing it. I always suggest he take some leftovers, like potatoe salad and steak, anything to offer some relief from sandwiches, but he always says no. Tonite, I once again asked him why he could not take leftovers for lunch and he finally told me why. Turns out, the guy he works with has nice containers with matching lids, and we have bowls with.... plastic wrap. Are you kidding me? I burst out laughing. The reason for the monotonous lunch was the packaging?  Guys notice this sort of thing?  Now, I am completely, head over heals in love with Pampered Chef, and I'll proudly show off my stoneware, and my little make-life-simple-gadgets. But to stand around the construction site and compare tupperware? That is just too much. I laugh at the thought of it. Wait a minute. I think that was a direct hint to have a tupperware party and buy mass amounts of cute little containers! Yes, it was all code for "Go ahead and have yourself a little party and spend half my paycheck on over priced, cute little plastic containers because I know how happy it makes you."

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