Friday, December 11, 2009

What About Bob?

This is Bob. He is old as dirt, but very much alive. He was claimed by Ellie-May years ago as her very own, even though he is, in actual fact, my mom and dads. He lives at my parents. Every time (and I do mean EVERY SINGLE TIME) we go to visit my parents, the minute we turn onto moms road, Toby starts searching the feilds for this big white horse. He's awful hard to miss, being the only white horse standing in a green feild and all, but Toby insists on searching for him, saying, "oh where is Bob? Oh right, Ellie-May, he's dead. Yep, your horse is DEAD. He died. Sorry . Sorry your horse is dead."  It's sick really. I am not sure she even knows what "dead" means, let alone where the facination with torturing her sister with a pretend dead horse atleast once a week comes from. She has said it so many times that Ellie-May knows it's coming and now tries to beat her to it by yelling "SHUT UP TOBY!" before we turn on the road, and continues yelling such things as "He's RIGHT THERE! My horse is NOT dead, SHUT UP!"  over top of Toby, who is saying all of the demented things listed above. The argument rages on as we drive past the field, down the long driveway and park, where, thankfully the morbid little freak is distracted by something else and leaves her big sister alone.

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