Friday, December 11, 2009

New Motor New Camper

Last weekend, Ben had to change the motor in his truck so we loaded up the camper and headed to my moms to camp for the weekend and change the motor in the truck. It was our first trip in the new to us camper. For some reason, everytime we get a camper, our first trip with it has something to do with fixing the truck packing it. B.D. has changed three motors with a camper on the back of the truck.  He left ahead of me with the truck and camper and came a few hours later in my car. I assumed he would take the camper off the truck before he started ripping the motor out, but never make the mistake of assuming anything with Big Daddy.

Notice the angle of the camper? Doesn't that look wicked for cooking and sleeping? Or how about the fact that shinging right into the top window, where my bed is, is the motion detector light on the shop? That was alot of fun. They worked on the motor until 3am. Me and the kids were trying to sleep, but I kept almost rolling out of bed. The only thing that saved me was the fancy wrought iron divider that I would smash into every time. And because they were yanking things and jumping on and off of the front of the truck, the motion light was turning on and blinding me every 2 minutes. Sometime in the night I managed to get some sleep. I woke up the next morning to a grease monkey in my bed. I dont know if it was the late hour they worked till or the whiskey but B.D. had only managed to take his pants off before climbing into bed. He was covered in oil and grease and dirt, and still wearing his t-shirt and sleeping in my bed!  Somethings never change!

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