Friday, December 11, 2009

Wild Wolves and Cave Women

Every morning, I wake up bright and early to make my husbands coffee and lunch. The first things I do is let the dogs out. This morning I staggered out the door in my long johns and one of Big Daddy's big t-shirts to tie up the dog because his wild-wolf instincts seem to take over him if he is left loose. He runs around the neighborhood terrorizing people, attacking and gaurding blow-up santa's, eating garbage, and dragging random shoes home. I have never lived on anything smaller than 5 acres and I sometimes forget my husband had tricked me into moving to the sardine can he lovingly refers to as civilization. Anyways, we now live less than 5 feet on either side, and 100 feet in front and back  from... **eye roll** ...neighbors. If you have ever seen me in the morning, you know it isn't pretty. I have curly hair which I am forever straightening and sleep does funny things to it. Picture backcombed, ,brown, sheeps wool about 20 inches long standing on end. It almost looks like it has been slightly burnt.  Now add the longy J's, big green t-shirt, my husbands size 13 flip flops,  being drug out the door by a wild wolf that then has to be wrestled down to get tied up, and you get the exact picture that my neighbor across the lane got at 6:30 this morning as he stood out on his deck, probly enjoying the view until the cavewoman stumbled out of the time machine. He actually had the nerve to laugh, and wave. I apologized and went back into my cave to scare the bejesus out of my husband.

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