Monday, December 14, 2009

Should Chickens Fly?

I got a phone call yesterday to invite us to my husbands family Christmas party in Vancouver. They want to fly us there for the party, since we haven't been able to go for a few years. I know how my husband feels about flying so I told his aunt I would ask and call her back. It was worse than I thought. he had a meltdown about flying. I told him that me and the kids would go and he could stay home and he said that was fine with him. But then, his neurosis got the better of me. I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was too busy obsessing over flying. I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because I'd had a night mare about the plane breaking apart in the air and all of us getting sucked out the back, plummeting to the ground still strapped in our seats. That dream was at 4:53 this morning and I am still sitting her obsessing over it. I get vertigo if I really let my mind wander. How I could let someone make me so scared of doing something just makes me so mad! I've always wanted to travel the world, and see every where I could possible see. I have flown in airplanes before too, and I know it's not even scary. I flown in all kinds of airplanes. Even a rickety one, older than dirt, that didn't even have seats, we just sat on the floor. I have flown in helicopters, with a crazy pilot that dipped and swerved and went straight up, and made me scream so loud I was forever banned from wearing the microphone on the ear muffs. Yet I still got right back in the next time they asked. And now, 30 years old and I am having a nervous break down over getting in a perfectly safe, properly maintained, commercial jet. I am scared to let her book the tickets because I will probably get to the airport and have a full on panic attack. And if they do get me on the plane, I am afraid I will huddle on the floor with my kids and wail the entire flight like we're going down and I'll have to be sedated, or knocked out, and risk being VERY uncool to my kids. And if Big Daddy does decide to man up and come, then we'll probably BOTH be doing it. I am embarrassed for us already, and the tickets aren't even booked. I am making myself crazy over this and trust me, I need no help in that department. Do they serve alcohol on an hour long flight? I think I need to hide out at home and leave the flying to the birds. The sky looks just fine from down here, I see no need to take my two feet off the ground for a better view.

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