Friday, December 11, 2009

A Rippin Good Time 05/13/2009

As I look through old pictures to put on here, I keep remembering funny stories from past adventures. Like the time my brother and I were out hunting. We were stalking a beautiful, big black bear and it finally turned broadside and stopped and was PERFECT to shoot,  I went down on one knee to shoot....... and ripped the ass right out of my favorite camo pants. I immediatly hit the ground with my ass, dropped my gun, and start scooting backwards past my brother. He is yell-whispering "shoot, shoot, what are you doing??!" "I ripped the ass outta my pants!" "SO!!??" "Well I am not wearing any underwear!" As the bear laughed at us and trotted off. he continues to live a happy life. Luckily, my truck is a closet on wheels, I had some wicked pink joggers to put on.

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