Friday, December 11, 2009

A Day in the Life

Do you ever have days when things just seem so ridiculous you want to run screaming from your life? I never do. My life is wonderful, and fulfilling, and I love every minute of the laundry, cooking and cleaning that, luckily for me, never ends. Like today for instance. You wouldn't even beleive how many beautiful outfits my youngest had on. Here, let me show you:

Outfit Numero Uno

Isn't she stylin? Her I-pod is her favorite accessory. The older kids wanted them, and since Toby is Daddy's little princess, she got one too, at the age of 1.5. Wonderful isn't it? Eventually he is going to run out of things to buy that kid, and all hell will break loose.

Outfit Deux - The Birthday Suit

There is always a breif period in the day when she likes to go au naturel. Sometimes the breif moment lasts a day or two. I try to keep her in the house in this state, but it doesn't always happen. She has more than once answered the door in this outfit as well, making us known as the people with the naked kid to quite a few of the folks around town. Notice the pony tail is gone as well, she ripped the elastic out, and shot it off the deck to avoid having the pesky thing messing up her natural look again.

Ensemble Trois

Here we have a complete outfit. Ellie may got sick of her bare but touching, well, everything she owns, so she convinced her to get dressed, I think she told her we were doing something fun, because I couldn't understand what she was following me around insisting on for an hour, but thats nothing new. I always have to ask the kids what she says. Its not for lack of being around her, 24 hours a day is not lacking, or because I just can't be bothered. It's because the kid talks another freaking language! I swear, she does. I will post a video one day of her weirdest words. Maybe it will be a contest, to figure out what she is saying.

Outfit Four

Not too sure what happened to out fit 3, but outfit 4, was a fleeting image as there was a slight accident due to the fact that Blues Clues was on, and a commercial did not come in a timely manner.

Cinco de dayo

This outfit was just not fashionable, so I have been told by my 10 yr old. Plus, dad was coming home. Time to get naked and pretend Mom had not even bothered to dress her that day. It's a little game my kids like to play called "Make Mom Look Incompetent" It's a family favorite. So there you go, a whole load worth of laundry from one kid, in one day. It is a joy, really. At this point I get a text from my oldest saying: "bike broken, please pick me up" I ask Toby to get dressed so we can go get him, and  she rolls her eyes and stomps away, because I have foiled her plan. While she was occupied getting dressed, I ran outside to get a picture of the Odyssey we want to sell. Suddenly the window ripped open, and Toby begins to scream, "MOM! NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HOME ALONE!!" As if the feral child running naked day after day isn't reason enough to make the neighbors call wefare! Now she has to let on that I was leaving a 3 yr old home alone! And here we have outfit number 6.

And here is the broken bike. Yep,thats three pieces. What I wouldn't give to have that wipeout on film. So below is the final outfit of the day,I could have kicked my own ass after telling her she had a hole in the bum, but I preoccupied her with cake so she wouldn't change again. So there you have it, a typical day with Princess Toblerone, and her many outfits. I am going to put a load of laundry in. Please, if there are any maids out there looking for pro-bono work, I have a guest room. And I cook yummy things. If you do the dishes. Just Kidding. (not really)


 Betty the laundress

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