Friday, December 11, 2009

Where There's Smoke, There IS Fire

I just didn't feel that great today. I was about as sharp as a marble. I procrastinated all day on my chores, and had left everything to the last minute. I needed to get dinner cooked, but hadn't done any of the dishes, so I ended up doing both at once. I set a pot of water on the stove to boil, and started the dishes, which makes me have my back to the stove. I smelled a little smoke, assumed I had spilled something on the burner, so I turned on the range hood, and continued with the dishes. The smoke smell got stronger, and I could see the smoke curling around me so I opened the window and kept on doing the dishes. Finally, the smoke got so thick I started to cough and wave my hand in front of my face. Only at this point did I SNAP OUT OF IT and turn to see giant flames wrapping themselves around the pot! I screamed. Realizing the situation for what it was.... a god damn fire in my kitchen! I can't imagine what a stupor I was in that smoke seemed ok inside the house for the first ten minutes. Was I in a mental coma? I grabbed the pot and pulled it off the burner making a gigantic flare up, which saved me ten bucks of waxing that needed to be done and somehow pulled me back into reality enough to dump some baking soda on the fire before it before it burnt my kitched to ashes. And to answer all of your questions, no I wasn't smoking anything.

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