Friday, December 11, 2009

Revenge of Stinky

Remember when I told you about my stinky cat that I am forever throwing outside. (Not literally throwing, gently placing) Her name is Skittles, but I call her Stinky. Anyways, the cat and me have strong dislikes for eachother. I was running into town to get a baseball for the kids, I left them all home, so I was alone in my car, windows open, radio blaring, singing at the top of my lungs when something furry hits me in the side of the head, and instantly wraps itself around. I begin to wildy careen in and out of oncoming traffic, and dangerously close to the ditch. Back and forth, and screaming for a heart stopping eternity I am sure before I realize it is the CAT! As I slam on my breaks inches from the ditch, car sideways taking up part of the lane, the cat jumps off my head into the passenger seat and has the nerve to hiss and growl at me! I had to sit there for a good minute before my legs had come un-jelloed enough to push the pedals to get off the road. I had left my windows open because it was so hot out and the cat must have got in and went to sleep in the back somewhere. I didnt even see it coming until it was attached to the side of my face. When I say I want excitement and adventure in my life, this is definitly not the type I had in mind!

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