Friday, December 11, 2009

Think Twice, Post once

It's monday afternoon. I spent the day at the river, swimming with the girls, and now I am home to fry some chicken. I had a few beers while I was frying said chicken, and came online to see what everyone else was doing all day. And now, I feel compelled to post a blog, even though I am breaking my #1 rule, No blogging half cut. It's true, I set that as a rule for myself, because I wanted to make sure I never posted anything innapropriate. Apparently Facebook should have the same rules. The things I see people post as their status is absolutely ridiculous, covering everything from how good their man is in bed to the latest time-of-the-month problems they are having. It drives me crazy. Recently a "like" button has turned up near the the "comment" button, but I want to know where the hell the "dislike" button is. Or why there isn't a "you-are-an-effin-idiot-and-I-want-to-unfriend-you" button. Seriously people. Think twice before posting your status, it doesn't make you look cool. We aren't in grade 6 anymore.

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