Friday, December 11, 2009

The Circus is in Town!

The girls and I went to the Circus last night. I had announced it last week and could have kicked my own ass for even mentioning the word circus at such an early date. Ever since those words left my lips I have been hounded, harrassed, and tortured by Toby. Every day all day she asked when it was, where it as, when it would get here and if today was the day, until I wanted to beat myself over the head with the rolling pin. Yesterday morning, she woke up bright and early and said, "todays the day, right mom?" and I thankfully said yes. The anticipation was too much to handle for a 3 yr old mind, so I had to keep her busy with berry picking and swimming. All that amounted too was berry picking and swimming with an all day temper tantrum over needing the circus to be here right now. We drove home past the arena that was hosting the circus and I almost drove off the road with a heart attack as the girls screamed, at the top of their lungs, a hellacious scream of "ELEPHANTS!!!" It was so loud, and ear peircing, I jumped and grabbed my ears in pain, as the car swerved towards the curb. I managed to grab the wheel before we jumped the curb and ended up in elephant shit. I pulled over, to avoid further screeches, and we watched the elephants get a bath until the sweltering heat made us leave. That was about 2 in the afternoon and I still had to keep toby from a meltdown for 3.5 hours till we could even go down to the arena. Luckily, Big Daddy came home early, and they fixed the boat together. When showtime finally came, the excitement was uncontainable. She was bouncing off the walls standing in line, and when we walked through the doors, the heat hit us full force. It was 32 degrees outside, it must have been 45 or 50 inside the building, but she didn't care. She danced and sang and sweated like Richard Simmons.
Here's us on the elephant. If we had been on it alone, I am sure I would have hijacked it straight to the river for a swim. (excuse the crappy picture, I made some random man take it with my camera)
We bought the pink blow-up unicorn, because it was the must-have item of the evening.

And even got our picture taken with a LIVE black bear for once. Strangely enough, I had no urge to shoot it. I just wanted to sit in his lap and kiss his cute face, but there were strict orders, "DON'T TOUCH THE BEAR" maybe other people had the same thought as me...
I love the look on Toby's face, she had just asked me if I was going to shoot that bear, and when I said no, she looks cautiously over and whispered, "Why not?"

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