Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Too Quiet!08/11/2009
My kids drive me crazy 90% of the time. I really think that they fight, whine, cry, more than the average kid. If they aren't unhappy about something, then they are running, jumping, singing and dancing. With three kids, all different ages, they are always in various states of the above. Somedays I go in the bathroom and cry. Don't worry, it's never for more than a few minutes. I then wash my face and come out and bake something. Yesterday, my mom took the girls for an overnight or two. I packed bags with the giddyness of a child on christmas eve, threw them in the car and tore off for the half-way-between-the-two-towns meeting place. I was so excited to have peace and quiet for as long as she would keep them, since they are the two I hear most often and Toby is the one that causes all of the fights. I waved goodbye excitedly and headed for home. But today, the house just seems quiet and empty, and boring and I just want them to come home. When I hear talk like that I realize I really have gone crazy.
I just got a phone call. It was Big Daddy. It took me a few minutes to understand what he was saying what with all the heavy breathing going on. Turns out, he took Shooters bike to get pop, instead of his truck. Now this is something, in all the years of being together, I have NEVER seen. If it doesn't have a motor, he don't ride it. That is actually his motto. No horses, canoes, kayaks, or pedal bikes, for that man. So he phoned me to tell me he is having a heart attack trying to make it back up the mountain we live on. I didn't actually realize he had left, good thing he took his cell phone. I laughed at him and told him I couldn't find the truck keys and to get pedalling - the same answer he would have gave me. It was liberating.

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